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Awesome Biker Nights Corporate Logo


What are the dates for Awesome Biker Nights?

June 6th - 8th 2019

When will the bands be announced?

When we have the Major Artists signed to contracts.

What is the cost to see a specific concert?

We are a festival style event. A general admission wristband, that must be worn at all times, gets you into all events inside the perimeter of our fences.

Are children allowed?

We strongly discourage parents from bringing children since this is an Adult Themed event. We offer no discounts for any special age group. Everybody pays the same entry fee whether you are 5 or 95 years old.

Are pets allowed?

No - Service animals are permitted.

Are coolers allowed?


Are firearms allowed?

Only concealed carry permit holders carrying concealed. No open carry firearms allowed.

Is this a motorcycle rider only event?

No, this is a Charity Motorcycle Rally open to anyone who appreciates motorcycles and live music festivals.

Can I park inside the gates?

If you ride a motorcycle, we have Sturgis Style parking, other motor vehicles are not allowed. If you drive a car, you must find alternative parking outside the gates. Caution: Do not park in private parking lots or you will be towed.

** This is an adult event and children are not recommended. We do charge the regular admission price for everyone over 1 year of age. **
** This is a rain or shine charity event. We offer no refunds to anyone for any reason. **
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